Frequently Asked Questions (WA)

I do not wish to convert 100% of my warehouse into automation. Can the warehouse automation be phased into a X-year plan?

Yes, it is possible. Usually, we will work with you to provide a full warehouse automation plan first.

Once the finalised plan has been accepted, we will then work with you to breakdown into the different phases for the first start-up.

Over the next few years, we also understand that your business may change and the different phases can still be reviewed to ensure you invest in the right technology at the right time.

How long does it take to implement a project?

Generally, it would take 4 to 6 months. For complex projects, it can take up to 12 months.

Do you offer leasing or instalment plans?

Yes, we do offer both leasing and instalment plans with our financial partners in your country.

Are your solutions eligible for government grant support?

Yes, for Singapore based customer, the support level is up to 80% of qualified costs.

For other countries, our local team will engage with the respective agencies to help support you.

Can I select our preferred hardware brands?

Yes, we are always open to work with any brands to combine their offerings into one single solution for our customers.

I want to continue operating during the implementation period for my new warehouse automation. How can I do it?

We will work closely with you to minimise disruption to your operations. Based on your situation, our team will be able to offer you a few options for your consideration.

Can I request for a reference visit?

Generally, it is possible if approval has been granted.

How can I contact you?

You can email us at sales@infolog.com.sg. We will reply you as-soon-as-possible.