Infolog Logistics Suite

What is Infolog Logistics Suite? 

Infolog Logistics Suite by Infolog Pte. Ltd. is a holistic solution created with the mindset to cover all aspects of a systematic solution to manage, track and control operations. By integrating the best technologies, Infolog Logistics Suite can help improve operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, track and protect your assets at all levels of distribution operations. 

The following are modules #simplifyinglogisticsandsupplychain, available in the Infolog Logistics Suite. To find out more about each module, their features, and benefits, you can return to the Infolog Homepage and follow the links under Products & Services, or directly click on the links below: 

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Does Infolog Logistics Suite qualify for government grant support? 

A: Yes. For customers based in Singapore, a support level of up to 80% of the qualifying fee. For other countries, Infolog local team will engage with their respective agencies to help support you. 

Q: I like the idea of the Infolog Logistics Suite product. However, my requirements will be slightly different from what you offer. 

A: Don’t worry about this. Infolog is flexible in its offerings, we can work on developing our product according to your needs. Infolog deeply understands that there may not be a one-size-fits-all product even if our customers are in a competitive industry. 

Q: I want to continue operating during the implementation period of my new Logistics Suite. How can I do it? 

A: Infolog will work with you to minimize disruption to your operations. Based on your situation, our team will be able to offer several options for you to consider. 

Q: Can I request an Infolog reference visit? 

A: Generally, it is possible if approval has been granted. 

Q: How can I contact Infolog? 

A: You can contact Infolog any time via WhatsApp at +65 96833088 or send an email to We will reply to you as soon as possible. You can click here to contact other Infolog Pte. Ltd. offices outside Singapore: Indonesia, Vietnam, and Malaysia.